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Anthony Allison is a Seattle Wedding Photographer offering affordable rates on an endearing, natural aesthetic that combines film and digital. Book your wedding today!

Anthony Allison

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Specializing in a candid approach with an endearing, vintage aesthetic throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Nordstrom saves the day during Sharee's wedding in Tacoma.

Nordstrom saves the day during Sharee's wedding in Tacoma.

Weddings can be stressful...

They say expect the worst, but hope for the best... But what happens when your makeup artist cancels on you two hours before your wedding?

Unfortunately, this exact thing happened during a recent wedding I photographed in Tacoma, and there was no hoping for the best here. The bridesmaids, offering what few pieces of makeup they had on them, could not save the day here. Thinking fast, I drove the stressed out bride over to a nearby Nordstrom, where her makeup was done quickly and expertly by the wonderful staff there. The important side-mission went perfectly, and the wedding started right on schedule.

That got me thinking...

Often, weddings are booked over more than a year in advance, and, while I'd love to always have that amount of notice, it's just not always feasible. Things happen! The experience with Sharee prompted me to offer a last minute booking service that enables every family-to-be to have beautiful photography at their wedding. 

If your wedding is shorter notice – with only days or weeks until the date – I'm here for you. Stress free and beautifully done. It's that simple.

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Last Minute Wedding Photography Package - $1795

6 hours of coverage
Full resolution photos - as many as worthy
Professional photographic processing and retouching
Your photos hosted online for sharing with friends and family
Personal use copyright for all of the photos
Archival prints and albums available

There are only a limited number of available slots, as bookings fill up quickly. 
Get in touch now to book your wedding!

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Sharee's wedding was the reason I started offering last minute bookings at an affordable rate, and they couldn't have been happier!

Father and Daughter Dance. Tacoma, WA. 

In front of Glacier Peak, WA.

In front of Glacier Peak, WA.

Anthony Allison is a Seattle Wedding Photographer specializing in candid, natural photography.

You can probably find him engaging in one of many exciting activities including wilderness backpacking, skateboarding through the streets, riding a motorcycle at a reasonable speed — all with a camera or two in hand. 

He enjoys weddings since they aren't nearly as dangerous... Right?


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