Visiting the Olympic Peninsula with Sander Rodenhuis

Last week I met up with Sander Rodenhuis who was exploring the United States for the first time, beginning in New York and moving westward over a couple of months. Born and living in The Netherlands, he was certainly amazed at the contrast in cultures, as evidenced by our visiting of a Walmart in Aberdeen and his excitement when seeing a wall of Budweiser branded socks. He purchased a quite a few pairs and a grip of 4th of July beer koozies that proudly displayed a bald eagle, US flag, and the slogan "BEER ME!" (OK — I'll admit I purchased a pair of socks, too.)

We took a day to go explore the Olympic Peninsula and see some nature, as he'd seen enough big cities in his travels. Making a loop around the peninsula, we stopped at the unfinished Satsop Nuclear Facility, the rugged coast, and a few quick mountainous hikes. Here are a few snapshots with the a7, as we shot mostly on film (to be developed soon). Also check out Essay, an awesome international photography zine that he runs.