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Hiking Mt. Si

To me, Mt. Si has always been that mysterious, imposing mountain over the town of "Twin Peaks" (the greatest TV show ever). On a nice break in the weather, I finally got around to climbing it and experiencing one of the most amazing viewpoints around the Seattle area. If you go, watch out for the birds at the top. They might look nice on camera, but they will steal food right out of your hands.

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Mt. Forgotten's Memorable Fall Colors

It may be called Mt. Forgotten, but I don't see why. The amount of biodiversity in the area was amazing. Beginning from rarely seen deciduous forests, passing through the evergreens, and finally ending up at an alpine meadow with a view of Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak was quite a unique experience. As usual, here's 10 from an exhausting, yet very rewarding hike — that really should've been an overnighter.

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A Mt. Rainier Sunset from Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout

With the sun setting earlier as fall starts, we found a perfect opportunity to hike up to Tolmie Peak and watch the Mount Rainer sunset. This was my first time using the built in timelapse app on the Sony A7Rii, and I completely blew it. Instead of text, the annoyingly slow app only has iconography for important settings. In this case, I inadvertently filmed a three hour time lapse without saving the raw images. All that I was left with was an auto-exposed 1080p AVI video file — all but useless. The photos, however, were not so bad. Here's 10 of some of my favorite so far: 

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Colchuck Lake Under a Smoky Sky

The dry summer continued into September with smoky skies hovering over the Enchantments. A hike to Colchuck Lake gradually turned more orange as the day went on and the wildfires crept closer. By the time we got back to the trailhead, forest rangers were closing off the trail and telling people to head back in case the fires spread and stranded them.

This photo series shot on 35mm film with the F100

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Summer is for Hiking

I've been doing a lot of hiking this summer. By August, I'd already logged over 120 miles of backcountry covered by foot. Between that, work, and going back to school, there hasn't been too much time to post and go through photos. Once winter rears its head, there should be plenty of time. I'm looking at putting together a book as well, as these recent adventures through nature have made a lasting impression and helped me to really understand myself.

Until then, here's a marmot being ridiculously photogenic in front of Mt. Rainier on a recent hike to Summerland and the Panhandle Gap.

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