Reflecting on "FEAR AND CREATIVITY" by Ted Forbes.

I follow a lot of photography blogs, including the vlog called The Art of Photography by the very knowledgeable and always insightful Tim Forbes. Recently he posted a video entitled "Fear and Creativity" which obviously struck my interest. He talks about how our experiences when we're young still affect us today and I thought it was certainly worth sharing.

Fear is what keeps us down, and I certainly experience it with my photography. Fear of putting myself out there manifests in a few major ways:

  • Fear of posting photos because I think people won't like them

  • Fear of posting more personal insights on my blog for the same reason

  • Fear of photographing more in the streets cause I think I'll suck

  • Fear of strongly pursuing photography clients because I feel I'm not good enough

Among others, of course... I'm sure I'm not the only one. Here's to being weird yet unafraid:

EXCERPT: "Fear is probably the biggest roadblock in photography or any other creative medium. Fear is what keeps us from pursuing our goals and our dreams. We all have fears but creative fears usually relate to our own self confidence and at the core our own egos."